Sludge disposal has become a major waste treatment issue for producers.  In the past, sludge could be disposed of to landfill at reasonable cost but new legislation has made this traditional form of disposal increasing expensive and time-limiting. Whether sludge is discarded or recycled it still requires further processing or management.

Dewatering is the most common of these but mechanical dewatering is relatively labour and power intensive, resulting in on-going maintenance issues. Sludge Treatment Reed Beds (STRBs) developed in Denmark offer a much more robust, lower lifetime cost solution to on site sludge management.

STRBs differ from conventional constructed reed beds as the basic function is to hold the sludge, allowing it to dewater, leaving behind a sludge cake. ARM Reedbeds Ltd work closely with a specialist STRB designer in Denmark and have brought the technology to the UK, with the first installation treating ferric sludges produced in the drinking water treatment process.

surface sludge

 sludge discharge

Sludge directly fed to the bed via vertical up pipes Sludge deposited on surface amongst reeds.

All interest and requests for information on this type of system should be addressed to ARM Group Ltd, Rydal House, Colton Road, Rugeley, Staffs. ARM Reed Beds Ltd

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