Reeds from Seeds, we grow the answer to water pollution, Phragmites australis, (Common Reed). We have been growing reed since 1996 and can proudly say that we have supplied plants to all parts of the British Isles to fight and help in water purification projects.

We have supplied plants in large numbers and smaller numbers to a wide customer base over the years. Things will be much as ever for 2020. But age and time wait for no man, even me! I have no family to follow me in the business, and ano domini is starting to loom large. Another perhaps two years the nursery will have to close down. If anybody out there reading this wants to buy a business in demand, with technical startup help thrown in please be in touch with me. We I believe have a good repution within the industry, and is would be a shame to see the name Reeds from Seeds disappear for ever.

Thank you to all customers over the years and customers yet to be served. we pride ourselves in customer service and by en large seem to satisfy most of the people most of the time!

Contact us on the numbers below, or by the email address given.


UPDATE FOR 2020 SPRING.  We have been exhausted amost of saleable stock over this winter. This is a first! There is stock in the form of too young plants. These need the spring to grow, develop roots in sufficiency to be plantable into a new bed situation. There will hopefully be spare plants again before the end of May.


Telephone:  Office,  0843 289 1015

Or from  a mobile,   0343 289 1015

or email us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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